Our Story

Rocketships started in 2019 as a consultancy for small business owners and entrepreneurs who needed help with web technology. We quickly found our niche serving customers who were launching new businesses or wanting to revamp their existing digital presence, but who needed someone to take care of everything for them and reduce the stress involved in co-ordinating multiple specialists. We offer a full suite of digital agency services including branding, marketing, design and web production.

Now in 2020 we are expanding our offering to include application development services, from software product research and design through to MVP software builds and outsourced development services for companies that need to go faster.

Our Difference

Our experience and relationships in the industry allow us to provide multiple competitive options, either in-house, offshore or partner resources, depending on the needs and budget of our customers.

We focus on world-class customer service and developing long term relationships with everyone we work with. We will never put short-term gain ahead of the needs of our customers, we live or die by our reputation.

The number one difference is our willingness to give free valuable advice to anyone who wants to spend time talking to us. We believe that trust is the foundation of any positive relationship and we are willing to put the effort in so you can see that we are trust-worthy.

Our Founder

Ian Frost


Ian has over a decade of experience in the software industry as an engineer, consultant and executive. His greatest skill is the ability to translate between technical and business contexts to help teams understand what really matters. His humour, honesty and empathy make him well suited to building high-performing teams and solving complex problems in unique situations.

After launching Rocketships in 2019 he found himself having to gain a meaningful understanding of digital marketing to grow his own brand. Being a data-driven engineer, Ian went deep on learning from some of the best in the industry and how the most successful online sales engines are built. Using technology to test and measure the effectiveness of different campaigns, Ian learned how valuable being open minded and objective is to really understanding what really drives conversions.

This is the secret sauce that our local Brisbane digital marketing agency uses to create automated lead generation machines for businesses.

Step 1.

We identify the number one pain point you solve for your audience and craft a highly emotional hook that gets attention from your ideal customers.

frustrated lady

This is the key starting point for any great marketing campaign. We help you focus on the number one pain point that you solve, find ways to grab attention for that pain point and build curiosity about how to solve it. Powerful advertising copy, intelligent use of different ad platforms and continuous refinement will deliver high quality traffic for less.

Step 2.

We design and build a beautiful, high performance website hosted on a global content delivery network that never goes down.

beautiful high performance website

All our web sites are custom built with static site architecture, hosted on a content delivery network (CDN) using SSL encryption for maximum performance and security. This improves your search engine ranking, massively reduces security risk and ensures that your website is highly trustworthy.

Step 3.

We help you produce top quality content that positions your brand as an authority on the problem that you solve.

speaking to an audience

With the combination of professional copy writing and your domain expertise we will give your audience valuable information in exchange for their contact information. This is the start of your value ladder, where your customers learn to trust you through incremental stages of value delivery.

Step 4.

We use automation to nurture your audience through the different stages of purchase readiness (awareness, consideration, decision).

automated machinery

An effective marketing funnel feels seamless and highly personal, even if it is automated. We gradually feed your audience more value in exchange for a higher commitment (information, time, money). As they repeatedly realise value from your offers they build more trust and consider becoming your customer.

Step 5.

We guide you through the creation of a Godfather Offer that is simply too good to refuse.

godfather offer you cannot refuse

To convert that warm audience from being merely interested to feeling a burning need to engage your help in solving their problem, we use a seriously powerful offer delivered at the right time. With an automated qualification process and self-service appointment booking you can have highly qualified leads beating down your door ready to buy your solution without lifting a finger.

Step 6.

We harness the power of Social Proof in order to drive even more interest and trust in your brand.

showing your friends brands you trust

Social Proof (testimonials, references, case studies) are the most powerful marketing tools available. By continuously showcasing the excellent service you have delivered to your past customers, you can dramatically improve the rate at which you convert new customers.