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Do you have a truly valuable product or service?

Then the only thing stopping you from INSANE GROWTH is your ability to generate enough leads! 🚀

You know how to make your customers happy because you’re great at what you do.

That is why you started a business in the first place, right?

But to scale your business past pure survival you need to unlock exponential growth.

You need a local Brisbane Digital Marketing Agency that can learn what you do best and build you an automated marketing funnel.

The secret is building a world class marketing funnel.

What is funnel? It is a process where you:

  • Make people AWARE that you exist and that they have the problem you solve
  • Position your brand as an AUTHORITY within your industry
  • Offer REAL value in exchange for contact information to generate leads
  • Nurture those leads through increasingly more valuable offers to strengthen TRUST
  • Move those now happy customers that know you DELIVER into higher revenue streams

Then you re-invest your profits into driving as much traffic as you can through this funnel to fuel exponential growth and capture more market share!

By studying the world’s foremost marketing experts, we have learned the secrets behind the most effective marketing funnels in the world. 🕵️‍♂️

And we are going to give you a taste for free right now because we want the opportunity to build your new highly-tuned lead generation MACHINE to generate more leads than you can handle!

Remember the AIDA acronym.

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

This is marketing 101, a theory over a hundred years old but just as relevant today because human psychology has not changed.

However, digital marketing success is about:

  • Having access to leading expertise and executing better than your competitors.
  • Marketing automation using technology to nurture leads up your value ladder.
  • Constantly measuring real user behaviour to refine your process to perfection.

1. The majority of your target market do not know you can solve their problem 😴

This is the top of your funnel. These people need to be educated that:

  • They have a problem which can be solved
  • You are the right solution for that problem

This group is so important because it represents BY FAR the biggest segment of your potential customer base and unless you go out and educate them, they will never buy from you. They probably won’t even stumble across your offering.

You have to go to them. And you have to spread the word far and wide.

This is why people find so much success with education format marketing for example, podcasts, webinars, and free ebooks. This is the stuff that is used to educate people about the problem they are facing, and how that problem can be solved.

If you get this right you will build a massive audience that is then open to hearing more about your offering.

But they likely don’t feel the urgency yet, and they certainly don’t trust you.

2. You must grab their attention and generate INTEREST 🔥

You are asking them for their precious time, so make it worth it.

Give them something interesting and valuable.

People do not read websites like you think they do!

  • 55% of all page views get less than 15 seconds of attention.
  • Visitors will only read about 20% of the text on the average page.
  • 90% of visitors will close the window if it takes 4 or more seconds to load.

Knowing what will work to grab attention requires a scientific methodology.

You have to experiment constantly, and be data-driven in your analysis of what is working or not. To gather data for this analysis, we use session recording to measure EXACTLY what content people engage with and what content is wasting valuable real estate.

(Yes, that means we will be watching you read this later on - so say hi by wiggling your mouse!)

Using this behaviour data, we constantly experiment with different versions of the same pages and compare them to a baseline to scientifically determine the optimal message that will capture attention effectively.

You have to grab their attention IMMEDIATELY or you are wasting expensive traffic! 💸

Let me tell you a story!

My background is in systems engineering and software development. My whole career I’ve been the guy who works out how to make technology do what “normal” people find confusing. I’m a natural problem solver. As I gained experience over the years and more responsibility, I got to work with big customers to negotiate complex implementation deals and got more exposed to how big businesses operate across the world. I eventually ended up managing the entire software engineering division in an ASX-listed software company.

But I never had a background in marketing, which always seemed to me about just putting pretty words and pictures on a page and paying for enough traffic to make leads pop out the other end. I thought having the best product and customer service was the only thing that mattered.

So when I first started Rocketships I had a very standard “here is what we can do” marketing message. I spent a lot of time writing up what we specialised in and who would benefit. I spent a lot of time and money driving traffic to the site using Google Ads, LinkedIn, Facebook, you name it. And I was puzzled why I didn’t get enough leads converting. I was getting lots of visitors, I could see them in Google Analytics so why wasn’t I getting enough leads in my inbox?

Being an engineer I wanted more data and real understanding about this problem. So I dove deep on studying exactly what people were doing on the site using session recording software and my MIND WAS BLOWN 🤯 when I found out how many people just scrolled straight past my carefully constructed service descriptions and calls to action. Didn’t these people understand how I could help them build web software far better than the competition?! I was telling them the truth about my commitment to world-class customer service, fearless honesty and access to top technical talent.

But they didn’t care. The marketing copy blended into what they were expecting to see everywhere so the message was completely invisible.

They didn’t know me. And I wasn’t offering them anything valuable to build trust.

I went deep on immersing myself in every source of marketing knowledge I could get my hands on until I began to understand how all these mega successful marketing campaigns worked. It was only after going back to the drawing board and re-learning everything I thought I knew about marketing that I realised where I had gone wrong.

I failed to engage them emotionally. I didn’t get their ATTENTION. And I didn’t keep their INTEREST.

So I took my hard-won knowledge of what the best in the world were doing so successfully and applied it to my own website. Within a day my lead generation EXPLODED and I had a grin plastered across my face that lasted until I realised I would have to scale my business up to handle the volume. A pretty good problem to have I must admit.

And now I am writing to you to share some of my success and to offer you help in building your own finely tuned lead generation machine!

Interested in learning how? Read on.

3. You need to create DESIRE for your offering 🥰

We all want to be happy, financially independent and solving real problems in the world. By starting a business you clearly want this as well. Well guess what? So do your customers.

But we all have massive stress in our life. Financial stress. Time pressure. Relationships that need mending, difficult co-workers, and health issues that can spring up at any time. The modern world is extremely stressful for many people. We are all overwhelmed and we all need help.

You need to focus your message on what you can do that will be a STRESS RELIEVER. 🤬

The reason for this is simple psychology. Our brains seek to avoid pain. That’s where self-destructive behaviours come from. It is our brains seeking short term “pain relief” in the form of whatever instant gratification is most pleasurable. So think clearly about the biggest pain point that you can solve for your customers and focus your message on clearly demonstrating how your offering will actually solve that problem.

For example, here are the two main pain points we solve to relieve stress:

1. Every business is capped by their ability to generate more leads 📈

Most people who get into business are able to give real advice to customers and quickly demonstrate that they know what they are talking about. With a little practice, being able to close the leads they get can become relatively easy. They can do what they started the business to do very well HOWEVER the truly difficult part is getting all those potential customers to first pay attention to your offering and then trust that you can deliver.

We solve this pain point by:

  • Being extremely focused on knowing what are the most successful digital marketing strategies, from the very best in the industry.
  • Investing in having top development talent to be able to build custom, high performance websites that never go down.
  • Utilising psychologically-optimised marketing copy to create real emotional responses that lead to increased conversion rates.

2. It is extremely confusing choosing the right technology if you are not technical 🤓

Almost all of the customers we work with are not technical and just want to focus on being amazing for their customers. If they had technical skills they would craft their own cutting edge websites with the latest technology. The customers that we focus on serving are the ones who want an agency to completely handle everything, give quality strategic digital marketing advice and deliver a professional result.

We solve this pain point by:

  • Patiently translating technical decisions into simple business-orientated concepts that are easily understood by real humans
  • Learning everything about what really matters for each business that we serve so we can truly understand the big picture and make the right trade-offs
  • Making intelligent, cost-effective recommendations for the right technology rather than a one-size-fits-all approach

Because these are the PAINS that will create DESIRE in our customers to do something about SOLVING them. 🚑

People can only be receptive to these messages once you have gotten their attention and maintained their interest. You cannot jump straight to the call to action. You gotta build up to it!

4. Now is the time to create a call to ACTION ⚡

A call to action (or CTA) is message that encourages the visitor that they need to act on their established DESIRE to solve a pain point that they feel strongly about. It is just as important as the previous steps, because without a strong enough call to action, all you have done is create a desire to solve a pain point but left the door open for a competitor to be that solution!

Use a value ladder.

You’ve definitely seen a value ladder before. This starts with a low-barrier-to-entry form where you’re asked for your email address, or asked to sign up for free. The first step is a simple way to engage with the business and gain some value in return. Even non-paying customers have a massive impact on future growth. Studies have shown that it is 10x easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to sell to a new customer.

A value ladder will have multiple steps, each with increasingly more value and a higher price attached to it. This enables potential customers who have a greater need (and greater budget) to find the right offering that makes sense for them. It also allows people to get the solution that fits exactly with the size of the pain they have, while also feeling confident that you can provide more advanced solutions if their pain point grows.

But remember it is called a VALUE ladder. You have to be giving value for them to gain trust and to be willing to take the next step on the ladder.

Use an outcome-orientated call to action

Always focus on what outcome they will benefit from if they do decide to click on your call to action. Get them looking forward to a future state where you have already solved the pain point for them.

And here is the most powerful secret to push people into action: You need an offer which is so insanely powerful that they would be foolish not to take you up on it.

This is the real secret sauce behind an effective call to action. Come up with an offer that almost hurts you. If you’re not uncomfortable with the possibility of too many people taking the offer, it’s probably not strong enough. Remember you want to get them on that value ladder ASAP and attention spans are very short on the internet. Be bold in your offer!

Let us help you unlock exponential growth.

If you read through all of this content, then you know the AIDA model really works if you are genuine in your message and intention to provide real value to your audience. Our lead conversion rate has increased MASSIVELY since applying this model to the website! Why not let us help you achieve the same results for your business?

I love hearing about what business owners need, so your feedback on how helpful this content was for you is incredibly valuable. Please drop me a line via our contact page and I will make sure you get something valuable in return!

If you would like to book in a one-on-one conversation to talk about anything at all, simply use this link to find a time that suits us both.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping to build your lead generation MACHINE!


Ian Frost

Founder @

What do our customers think?
5 stars.

This is the secret sauce that our local Brisbane digital marketing agency uses to create automated lead generation machines for businesses.

Step 1.

We identify the number one pain point you solve for your audience and craft a highly emotional hook that gets attention from your ideal customers.

frustrated lady

This is the key starting point for any great marketing campaign. We help you focus on the number one pain point that you solve, find ways to grab attention for that pain point and build curiosity about how to solve it. Powerful advertising copy, intelligent use of different ad platforms and continuous refinement will deliver high quality traffic for less.

Step 2.

We design and build a beautiful, high performance website hosted on a global content delivery network that never goes down.

beautiful high performance website

All our web sites are custom built with static site architecture, hosted on a content delivery network (CDN) using SSL encryption for maximum performance and security. This improves your search engine ranking, massively reduces security risk and ensures that your website is highly trustworthy.

Step 3.

We help you produce top quality content that positions your brand as an authority on the problem that you solve.

speaking to an audience

With the combination of professional copy writing and your domain expertise we will give your audience valuable information in exchange for their contact information. This is the start of your value ladder, where your customers learn to trust you through incremental stages of value delivery.

Step 4.

We use automation to nurture your audience through the different stages of purchase readiness (awareness, consideration, decision).

automated machinery

An effective marketing funnel feels seamless and highly personal, even if it is automated. We gradually feed your audience more value in exchange for a higher commitment (information, time, money). As they repeatedly realise value from your offers they build more trust and consider becoming your customer.

Step 5.

We guide you through the creation of a Godfather Offer that is simply too good to refuse.

godfather offer you cannot refuse

To convert that warm audience from being merely interested to feeling a burning need to engage your help in solving their problem, we use a seriously powerful offer delivered at the right time. With an automated qualification process and self-service appointment booking you can have highly qualified leads beating down your door ready to buy your solution without lifting a finger.

Step 6.

We harness the power of Social Proof in order to drive even more interest and trust in your brand.

showing your friends brands you trust

Social Proof (testimonials, references, case studies) are the most powerful marketing tools available. By continuously showcasing the excellent service you have delivered to your past customers, you can dramatically improve the rate at which you convert new customers.

Get a kick ass digital marketing plan that will make your customers sit up and pay attention!

Unlock the secrets to automated lead generation and high growth with a digital marketing plan customised for your business. We show you what you need to do to build you ideal audience, nurture their interest and convert them to paying customers.
  • Define the problem you solve, your competitive advantage and your ideal audience
  • Understand how to reach that audience with powerful emotional messages and high value calls to action
  • Know the current score of your website in terms of SEO, back-links and overall digital marketing performance
  • Discover new opportunities to take your business online or improve your online presence
  • Practical next steps, tools and people to connect with

CUSTOM Digital marketing plan