A letter from the founder

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Let me tell you a story.

The dream and the reality

Our hero, Peter Silk, is the founder and principal solicitor for Legal Eagles, small firm that specialises in commercial law. His partners are two old school lawyers that joined forces with him to create a new practice one year ago.

Peter dreams of growing his firm to become a one of the top tier firms in Australia. He is a brilliant lawyer and the clients love him, but he struggles to gain new clients effectively.

Most of his new business comes from referrals or relationships.

While Legal Eagles brings in enough revenue to pay the bills and keep everyone fed, their growth story hasn’t exactly been stellar. There is a lot of competition in the market and their brand is not widely known. It seems as though the growth of the firm will be slow and based heavily on word of mouth.

Sound familiar? Read on to see the big change Peter makes to dramatically alter the growth of his firm…

The choice and the realisation

Peter knows that to grow his firm, he needs to advertise and bring in new clients. His partners want to run expensive radio and TV ads, with a six-figure budget just to test the waters and an uncertain return on investment.

But being a citizen of the modern web, Peter also knows the power of the internet to reach millions of people cheaper and more effectively than traditional advertising.

Legal Eagles have a decent looking website, but running Google Ads is costing them more than they expected and only a tiny fraction of visitors ever fill in the contact form.

The return on advertising spend has not exactly been mind-blowing so far.

Luckily Peter is a persistent entrepreneur as well as a fantastic legal mind, and he will never give up on his dream of building a top tier law firm.

He pays attention to how other high-value service businesses grow their client base and realises every industry is applying a digital marketing technique that is almost completely absent in the legal community.

Automated lead generation funnels.

The test and the triumph

Peter dives deep into the world of digital marketing and learns everything he can about how lead generation funnels are used to drive incredibly high return on investment and completely automated lead generation and appointment booking.

He learns about the amazing success stories from digital agencies, accountants, business coaches and financial advisory services all using the same tried and tested approach to win new business online.

Peter sees the potential for Legal Eagles to harness these same techniques to attract a huge number of new clients and finally make his vision come true.

Once he realises the potential of this technology-driven strategy he doesn’t hesitate.

He works relentlessly for a week to create compelling content for his ideal audience, a world-class landing page, offers that are too good to refuse and a follow up sequence that slowly builds trust and nurtures the audience to want to speak to him.

Peter takes the leap and runs a $1000 advertising budget through his funnel to test it, uncertain if he has got the right formula for engaging people, but confident in his ability to measure and tweak. He harnesses the power of targeting to drive cheap, highly qualified traffic through his funnel.

After a few days he sees the flow of leads through his process like a mad scientist watching his test tubes and reaction flasks. Finally the first of the subscribers finish the sequence and through his automated appointment booking system he finally sees the fruit of his labour.

New and highly qualified prospects are booking themselves into his calendar to talk about their legal needs every day.

His partners are blown away with the return on investment, they scale up the advertising spend and build new funnels for other content offers and niche problems they can solve.

Legal Eagles grows fast, putting on a team of talented lawyers and friendly support staff to handle the influx of new clients.

Peter is the toast of his peers, who are all banging down his door to find out how he did it.

But Peter is too busy helping his new clients to take their calls.

Try it yourself and be blown away

Lead generation funnels are incredibly powerful, tried and tested tools used by hundreds of different services businesses.

They work best when:

  • The service provided by the business is highly valuable (value of a client is greater than $2000)
  • The problems being solved by the business are easily described and are painful to the client
  • Valuable content can be produced that helps educate the audience about their problem
  • Creating appointments with new prospects is the primary goal of the marketing function

Sound familiar? Of course it does, because this perfectly describes most legal services business models!

Get ahead of the competition who are yet to wake up to this powerful digital marketing strategy.

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Want to fill your appointment calendar for your law firm?

Use the power of a highly targeted and automated digital marketing funnel to attract, qualify and engage new clients for your law firm. Learn all the components of a modern lead generation and appointment booking process for law firms and how you can build your own growth engine. In our 17 page guide you get:-
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  • How you can use a niche segmentation strategy to dramatically improve your advertising, content, and offers
  • Using a value-based formula to prioritise the niches that will fuel your growth the fastest with the best ROI
  • When and why you should use different traffic acquisition strategies including Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Organic Search (SEO) and Social Media.
  • What psychological triggers create a powerful piece of content and irresistible Godfather Offer
  • Example automated nurturing and appointment booking funnels tailored for law firms
  • What metrics matter most when optimising and refining your digital marketing strategy

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